Domain Deregistration
There are currently four public functions that can result in a domain being deregistered:
function popDomain(uint256 _tokenID) external
  • If autoRenew is off and the domain is past its expiry date, popDomain can be called to delete the domain and refund the bond to its owner.
function collectDues(uint256 _tokenID) external
  • If the domain has autoRenew set to true, you cannot use popDomain and must instead use collectDues.
  • This function will use the domain's bond to top-up the domains' domainExpires timer.
  • If the domain does not have sufficient bond to cover the top-up, the domain will be deleted and no refund will be offered to its owner.
function withdrawEarly(uint256 _tokenID) external
  • Lets the owner of a domain deregister their domain and receive their bond back.
  • Each year is paid in advanced, they will not receive a refund.
  • This can help users receive their bond back after migrating.
function invalidateDomain(uint256 _tokenID) external
  • If a user registers a domain that is too short, anyone can call this to delete their domain.
  • The caller will be paid out a VET reward to incentivize active monitoring for invalid domains.
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